Homeland Cambodia (Meatho Phum Ko'Mah)

Homeland Cambodia (Meatho Phum Ko'Mah)

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In 1996, the largest international child NGO in Battambang City closed its drop-in center. Left with no money, food, or shelter, 30 street children and 15 homeless families were asked to leave. Mao Lang, Homeland’s Executive Director, was then the manager of the shelter. Refusing to abandon the children, she lived on the street with them for a year, seeking to find a new home.

Finally, in 1997, Mao Lang secured a small rental room in Battambang City, and Homeland was born. With the support of three passionate friends, Homeland quickly grew from a single room to a full-fledged residential home. Today, 55 vulnerable children (orphans, street children, and trafficking victims) reside in our Battambang center and 50 street children visit our drop-in center in Kamrieng District near the Thai border. We now have 28 full-time staff members.

Though Homeland has grown in size, we are proud to remain a tight-knit family. Many staff continue to live on-site, and some of our children have returned as adults to serve as mentors. In addition to providing a loving home, we provide skills training and income generation projects for our children and their families. Our mission is to reintegrate children with their families whenever possible. To learn more about us, please visit our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/HomelandNGO!
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